About My Book

Cover-Vermeer_Editor-Final Jun27The Complete Canadian Book Editor
Leslie Vermeer
Publisher — Brush Education

$49.95 – print
$39.99 – ebook
Publish Date August 2016
400 pages
Trade paperback (US)
6×9 in
ISBN Print 9781550596779
ISBN eBook 9781550596809

This practical resource goes where style guides don’t to prepare you with the skills you need for a career as an in-house or freelance editor. Get that job by learning how to position yourself for potential employers and clients.

Book editing involves a whole lot more than proofreading. From acquiring manuscripts to managing author relationships to even marketing, editors play an integral role in the day-to-day operations of a publishing house. With activities and exercises throughout the book, you’ll reinforce key concepts and learn how to think like an expert editor.

Topics include:

  • The nuts and bolts of manuscript acquisition and book contracts
  • Elements of editing a manuscript and the elusive concept of style
  • The design and production process, including digital workflow
  • Important marketing functions every editor should know
  • The future of publishing and why editors are more important than ever before
  • An overview of the state of the industry in Canada

Build a successful career in the Canadian publishing industry.