Introducing Reading with a Pencil

March 15, 2015

Welcome to Reading with a Pencil, a blog about books and text. I am an academic, a professional editor, and a reviewer; my entire life is reading and writing. This blog will function like a commonplace book, a repository of text that strikes me; from time to time, it will also (I hope) present reflections on textual matters, from the professional to the aesthetic.

As an inaugural post, here are a few lines from the song “When I Go” by Over the Rhine. I am consistently knocked over by the delivery of the italicized lines.

It makes a difference
That I’m feeling this way
With plenty to think about
And so little to say

Except for this confession
That is poised on my lips
I’m not letting go of God
I’m just losing my grip

Wow. To have written that. Beautiful.

Here’s to new beginnings. Once again, welcome!